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“ How beautiful is it that someone could make your heart beat so fast when you don’t want it to beat at all. ”

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“ So sick of this lonely air
It seems such a waste of breath
So much that I need to say
So much to get off my chest ”

—    Sam Smith


Sam Smith - Nylon Magazine

“ Yo it’s your boy! You already know who it is! ”

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frank ocean > pacific ocean


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<b> <b></b> </b> Downloaded the album out of the random, Ive had a couple songs of Jason in the past but to call myself a fan fan would be a lie. But I really liked Talk Dirty the song, great instrumental. So I gave the album a listen and I'm honestly impressed at how good the album is , half upbeat music and half romantic. I can always appreciate a artist who can make "seductive" dance music without using extreme profanity.<p><b></b> FAVORITE SONGS<p><b></b> Talk Dirty<p><b></b> Stupid Love<p><b></b> Wiggle<p><b></b> Zipper<p><b></b> Vertigo<p><p>

Look forward to seeing this talented artist takeover 2014, Sam Smith

The fact that Daniel Sharman turns 28 tomorrow , just wow !

I am kinda mad that Daniel was never on Wolf Watch

I wanted to hear him speak on his character, i wanted to hear him studder, and gasp after every question like he does in every other interview. -_- grr you MTV